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March 2015: Solar Project has released the tenth album Here I Am.

The renowned art work magician Sergej Schachow accounted for the cover design of the last two albums.

The CD is available at New Music - Green Tree.
The LP (Vinyl) will be released soon.

"Here I Am" on YouTube.
Here I Am
August 2014: Solar Project opens an Online Shop for T-Shirts, Mugs, Buttons and more.

July 2014: Solar Project MP3 downloads are available at cdbaby, iTunes, Amazon and Google play
April 2014: Solar Project has released the ninth album Aquarmada.

Complex art rock, sometimes heavy, sometimes floydian-style filigrane, sometimes psychedelic, this perfectly describes the musical spectrum.

CD & LP (Vinyl) are available at New Music - Green Tree.

Since 1993 Solar Project can be experienced live on stage internationally with various casts.

The current lineup presents a broadly varied mix from all CDs. The live show is enhanced by videos.
Solar Project
Solar Project
Sebastian Jungermann, Sandra Baetzel Peter Terhoeven and Betty
Peter Terhoeven and Betty
Robert Valet
Solar Project
Solar Project
Betty, Volker Janacek and Sebastian Jungermann
Solar Project
Volker Janacek
Solar Project
Sandra Baetzel
Solar Project
Sandra Baetzel, Robert Valet and Peter Terhoeven
Volker Janacek and Sandra Baetzel
Solar Project
Solar Project
Solar Project